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When Your Pet Gets Cancer?

Hi there, my name is Doctor Sue Ettinger I’m a boarded veterinary cancer specialist and I’m also known as Doctor Sue Cancer Vet. I’m really happy that you found this YouTube channel but I’m also really sorry that you found this channel because it probably means that your dog or cat was recently diagnosed with cancer or that you, or your veterinarian, is suspicious that your pet has cancer. And I get it guys, it is so overwhelming, it is so scary to be thinking about cancer in your pet whether it’s what test to do, how to treat it, and the cost of treatment. So, I have so many articles and so many resources. So what this article is to kind of give you an overview, now what, what to do, how to use this channel and I have other resources on my Facebook page and my website so I kinda wanna give you an overview of some of the different playlists that I have and the ways that you can get the most out of this channel. There are so many myths and misconceptions about pets and cancer and I’m gonna break that down for you. We’ll talk about the different treatment options and different cancers. So let’s figure out how you can get the most out of this channel and how I can answer these questions for you. So why am I here? It’s a good question. A lot of my veterinary colleagues say, “Dr. Sue, why are you on YouTube?” “Why do you have a Facebook channel?”

Why do you have an Instagram channel?

it’s a good question ’cause I do this really in my spare time often when I get home from work and in the evenings. And the reason I’ll do it, I’ll be honest, is there’s a lot of crap information on the internet about dogs and cats with cancer often by people who aren’t qualified or experienced to be giving this information. And it really frustrates me. So, I wanna make sure that people have good information and that they have good access to this information. So that’s why I’m here and again we’re gonna break down so you can find all this information on my different sites. And again, there are other sites as well, different universities, you know, you wanna just make sure you’re getting your information from reliable sources and a great thing is to talk to your veterinarian for recommendations as well, and if you can to see a specialist, and we’ll put the link on how to see a specialist and I have articles about what questions to ask a specialist before you go and how to prepare for that important appointment. One thing that I’m not going to be able to do, so please don’t do it and I mean this, you know, nicely, is I don’t do individual consultations on the internet. So that means if you find my website and email me, or comment below on an article, asking for individual recommendations or specific recommendations about your dog or cat, direct messages on Facebook and Instagram.

I do not do individual consultations. I can not provide medical advice for your individual dog or cat because I haven’t seen them in person, I haven’t examined them. So I get a ton of requests for medical advice and I can’t do it. And it also is really hurtful and at times I thought about stopping doing this because some of the comments are pretty mean that I don’t love dogs and cats, I don’t, you know, love animals, I don’t really care, I obviously don’t love what I do. I’ve had people call me to curse words and things like that. So it’s not because I don’t care. It’s one, the volume of messages that I get, and that I also have to take care of my family and me and just balance everything that I need to do. But it’s also, I can’t provide the right recommendations for your pet because I haven’t examined them, I don’t have access to their medical records. So please do not ask me to give personal, medical advice to your pet on any of these channels. I don’t do individual consultations for you or your pet even if you offer to pay me, that’s not the point, it’s not about free advice or paid medical advice. So you need to go and see your veterinarian and ideally see a specialist and again we’ll put links below on how to do that. I do wanna hear from you. I absolutely wanna hear from you. So please feel free to comment below and tell me what you like about articles, or just, you know, I wanna engage with you and interact so please comment below on my articles. I do check all the comments myself. Some days I’ll get back to you quickly and some days I won’t and sometimes it’ll be someone from my team. So please, yes definitely comment, interact.

Just realize that I can’t give you medical advice but I wanna hear from you, I wanna know what’s going on, about your pets and I wanna know what’s helpful because, you know, what do you want the next article to be about? Comment below, that’s the whole point of this. I need to hear from you. I need to know what your questions are, what your concerns are ’cause that helps me, help you. So the first playlist that you’re gonna find when you get to my YouTube channel is called Everything You Need to Know About Cancer and in this playlist, I put, to me, some of the most important articles. The first article that you’re gonna find is How to Detect Cancer earlier and this is about doing a monthly lump and bump exam and this is just one of my passion projects is early cancer detection for lumps and bumps and so you’ll see my tip about when you’re doing heartworm and flea and tick preventative once a month, that’s a great time on your calendar to remember to check your dogs and cats for lumps and bumps. There are some great articles about how to pill a dog, you know, ways, just some tips, and tricks on what to do when your dog, you know, won’t take it in different foods and some maybe foods that you hadn’t thought of. Tips and tricks to do when your pet won’t eat and some of these are medications that you’ll get from your veterinarian and some of these are just things that you can do at home, you know, things that you have in the kitchen to get your pets eating. And what I love is some of them were tips from you guys.

I call them things that I didn’t learn in vet school and so there’s a lot of great tips in there. What to do when your pet won’t eat ’cause it’s really stressful when our pets won’t eat. We talk about what’s the best time to spay or neuter our dog. There’s some really interesting newer information that shows the benefits for dogs in delaying spay and neutering and that there could be a protective benefit in some cancers. Things that you need to know about chemotherapy, so home safety with chemotherapy you’ll find that in that playlist as well and there are other articles about where are my dog’s lymph nodes? Which are really important for monitoring for lymphoma. How do we do lymph node aspirates? So just, you know, some other articles there as well.

And what does chemotherapy involve?

So I have a separate chemotherapy playlist as well. You will find some articles in multiple playlists but again just a really good overview and I think that’s a really good place to start if you have just come to the YouTube channel. Okay, my next playlist is all my articles and guys this is just, you know, all my articles from the very start that I have been doing it and so just this in order of everything. And you can go through and just look at the different titles and see what interests you. Some of these will be my days in the clinic in the different hospitals that I work and they’re titled so you can see what tumors I am seeing, the fabulous nurses, the technicians that I work with, whether it’s dogs getting chemo, getting x-rays. You can just see what it’s like the day in the life of an oncologist, a nurse, and the patients that come in and out. You’ll see how much love they get and what it’s like behind the doors. You know, when your pet goes behind those doors for treatment you can see what goes on. So lots of articles if you’re interested in seeing in that. And then below that, you’ll find some other playlists. The next playlist I think is really important and this is a Chemotherapy playlist. So again it has the article that I talked about before about chemotherapy safety but also the myths and misconceptions about chemotherapy. And there are a ton of them so this, to me, is one of my most important articles and we’re gonna break down those myths and misconceptions. Another important article is my top five medications that you should have on hand at home if your pet is going through chemotherapy. So these are medications that your veterinarian can prescribe for you. All of my patients go home with these in their goody bags so that is a great article.

Because again it’s scary to imagine what, you know, most of us the only thing that we know is humans going through chemotherapy. So again is just a good article, you can see lots of my patients, Mya, Pokey going through their different chemotherapy treatments and you can check that out there. The next set of playlists are broken down by different tumors. So we have a playlist for dog lymphoma, playlists for Mast Cell Tumors, we have a playlist for Osteosarcoma in dogs, Lymphoma in cats as well and so you can just if your pet has one of those tumors you can find the playlists, look at the different articles in there, read them all, read one of them, see what you want. The other playlist that I think is a good one to check out is all about lumps and bumps and aspirates. So you can see what an aspirate entails, how easy it is for your pet to get this aspirate, where we stick a needle in the mass, collect those cells, and look at them under the microscope. So lots of articles about dogs and cats getting aspirates, what’s that entail, also lymph node aspirates as well. So maybe you’re saying, “But my pet has a different tumor “and that’s not included in that.” So you can go through the articles and you can look at the different playlists there and see if your pet’s tumor is there. But again, just a lot of good information that covers the basics of dog and cat cancer and I hope that you will find this helpful.

So in addition to my YouTube channel I have a couple of other sites that I want to point out to you that I think that you will find helpful. One of them is my website drsuecancervet.com and what is nice about this channel is you can see all the different things that I’m up to. If you’re interested you can see where I’m speaking, the different places that I’ve spoken, you can check out me speaking if that interests you. But really as a pet owner I think that you are going to be most interested, you can sign up for my newsletter that would be great, but you are going to want to go to the Resources tabs, can get a link to my book, “The Dog Cancer Survival Guide”. You can download my Skin Maps which are great for keeping track of those lumps and bumps. Again I talk about how to use those skin maps with calipers or a measuring device to keep track of those lumps and bumps. And then the other area of interest in the Resources section is the Pet Owner Resources.

And in there we have different PDFs that you can print out about chemotherapy. So I have my recently updated, frequently asked question about chemotherapy in pets. I have a second hand out, these are the information sheets guys that I give out at my consultation appointments with my clients when they come to meet me in person, so I’m making them available for you, that you can download and read them at home and have them at home. So again we have my chemotherapy information sheet and then the next one is helping a pet through chemotherapy at home. And this deals with all of the different side effects that we see and what to do at home.

I also have an information sheet about Metronomic Chemotherapy which is low-dose, oral chemotherapy. So that is there as well and then also on this resource page as well there’s a link to my book “The Dog Cancer Survival Guide”. A couple of other just quick things on my website, it does have a link to my current hospital where I’m working so you can find that on the About site. You can, if you are interested in seeing me in person, you can go to the About site and you can click on that and that will take you to the website of the hospital that I am currently working at. If you are interested in getting some calipers so you can measure lumps and bumps, or whether you’re a veterinarian or a pet owner, we have all different types of calipers. We have caliper pens so these are pens with calipers on them that those are available. We have plastic calipers and then digital calipers as well and those are available on the website. And again you can just keep track of my latest news, where am I, I’m usually traveling somewhere in the United States and occasionally overseas. So you can keep track of my whereabouts as well on my website. Another really great resource for you is my Facebook page. And so on my Facebook page, I will try to share about, you know, usually once a day, one of the patients that I’m seeing in the clinics and so I’ll tell you about what I’m seeing, what we’re doing with them in terms of their cancer. Are we celebrating a milestone? Are they there, what chemo are they getting? So it’s just a good way to see what’s going on, you know, what I’m currently doing in the clinics.

We love to celebrate milestones. So when cancer’s in remission, one year anniversaries and things like that. But I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m gonna tell you when a patient has relapsed. So it’s just really a nice way to see what’s going on with me and my patients. We’ll also often do different infographics about different tumors. So sometimes we’ll have a themed month where every couple of days you’ll get information about lymphoma, osteosarcoma, mast cell tumors so you can follow along and get all different information about the tumors, what breeds we see it in, how we treat it, what tests we run, what the prognosis is and things like that. So that’s another great resource that you can find. And then usually once a month I do live Q and As on Facebook and that’s a great opportunity for you to hop on, ask questions and I will answer as many questions that I can usually in an hour and we will advertise those, or you know promote those, so you’ll know when they’re happening. If you subscribe to them, tell them that you’re coming, in the thing you’ll get a notification when we do that. So, again we do that about once a month we have live Q and As where you can ask questions. We usually will do them on a theme just so the information isn’t all over the place.

So we’ll do one about dog lymphoma, then we’ll do one about osteosarcoma, we’ll do one about mast cell tumors. And then when those are done they do replay on Facebook, but sometimes they’re hard to find, so we will then put them on YouTube. So if you go to the YouTube playlist for Dr Sue Q & A you can find all of the ones on dog lymphoma and you can listen to them. So if your pet has that tumor, you know, often the questions are really common ones and you can listen to them and often find them helpful. We’ll talk about supplements, diagnostics, prognosis, and things like that. So definitely check out the monthly Q and As. You can catch them live but if you’re looking for old ones you can find them on YouTube as well. And then Instagram, I love Instagram, so much fun. So in the feed, again, I’ll be sharing the stories of my patients.

What’s going on with them, what treatments we’re using. Just information that will hopefully help you help your dog or cat with cancer. And then I love stories and so those are fun. You can actually see what’s going on in the clinic. Sometimes you’ll see things that are going on with me and my puppy dogs at home or my family on the weekends. So, that you’ll get a little bit more personal side of what’s going on in my life, what I’m doing. But Instagram you’ll get, again, just a little bit different information. So, all of the different sites sort of compliment each other. Sometimes they overlap, I hope that you, you know, pick the site that you like. Again, I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with this I know that this is overwhelming. I wanna provide good information that’s why I’m here. If this, Thank you for being here and I hope that you’ll find it helpful.

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