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what the future of social media 2021?

Today, you’re gonna find out the unexpected crazy future of social media. Check it out. Today, I’m happy to be joined by Joel Comm who is the host of The Bad Crypto Podcast and is a futurist. What do you want to say to people who are scared of the future of technology?

Don’t be scared of technology.

It’s gotten us this far. But, here’s the thing we know, that technology changes, disruption is always on its way. The moment that we get comfortable and think, oh this is always the way things are gonna be, that is the moment that you need to start going, oh, I could be wrong and I need to be prepared for what’s coming next. – [Michael] Right now, everybody thinks Facebook is the undisputed champion of the world and it’ll be that way forever,

what do you see on the horizon?

 It won’t always be that way forever. Facebook has all kinds of problems right now, starting with the very top, with Mark Zuckerburg, basically being the driving force and having all the say, we’ve hot Cambridge Analytica, we’ve got privacy issues, all kinds of crazy stuff, so that means the market is prime for disruption, for somebody to come along, that captures a heart, soul, and mind, of the people that go, we’re moving over here. Remember Myspace? We’re old enough to, and we thought that that was it. Facebook has had a longer reign and I think that they still have it in them, but the growth has ceased and that should tell them something and that should tell the rest of us something. Blockchain is not only gonna disrupt social media, it’s gonna disrupt just about every vertical, so whatever it is that people are involved in, they need to be learning about blockchain, ’cause what we’re talking about here is a more efficient, effective, faster database, a better way to handle data and we’re talking about decentralization. At this moment, probably the most serious issue with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, is that the y are so centralized. The power for these Megillah reside with a very small number of people who are making the rules and you don’t have to go very far to ask YouTube content creators the struggles that they might have trying to reach a real human being at YouTube and people loose their accounts. It’s something where you feel very powerless. But blockchain provides new decentralized options. We’re already seeing YouTube alternatives. In fact PewDiePie signed a contract with one service called dlive, it stands for decentralized live.tv. He is now streaming on dlive and has brought over over a half a million people to watch him stream there already and has earned 10s of thousands of dollars. We’ve also seen decentralized crypto based, blockchain based versions of Instagram.

There’s one called Karma.

Something like TripAdvisor and Yelp that’s called Bravo. Or instead of just posting your content and only TripAdvisor benefiting from it, you get paid to do your reviews and on the value that you bring to those reviews. Someone will upset this space in a major manner and it’s going to appear as though it’s occurred  overnight, but it’s not. This is years in the making. – Talk about alternatives to YouTube when it comes to the blockchain technology. – There’s a number of them, one of ’em is called D.tube. D.tube and you can put up videos just like you would on YouTube. A lot of the tools are very similar only you don’t have the obtrusive advertising, you don’t have the censorship, you don’t have essential body that can demonetize you, you earn based on the value of your content and how many people watch it, and like it, and up vote it. Pure and simple, democratized content creation. – So, what do you want to say to marketers who are like, blockchain, what,

I don’t get this stuff?

Ultimately, blockchain provides better solutions that are more about you as the content creator and the customer as the consumer. Google, Facebook, Twitter, they’re like, they don’t care about us. We are the product, we’re not paying for their service, therefore we are the product, we are being bought and sold to the highest bidder and people are starting to see through that and saying, hey wait a second, you don’t own me, what right do you have to sell my data, oh I gave you permission, ’cause somewhere hidden in those terms of service. You can just shroud that for such a long time and now in all actuality turning out.  People are disappointed with it and we want to be valued as content creators and consumers, and blockchain provides that. In the long run we’re going to see all the more a progression of individuals to these arrangements and normally, marketers are gonna wanna be there. Both content creators and marketers lives are gonna be disappointed in the same way that Netflix disrupted Blockbuster.

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