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Top 20 Best Android Apps 2021 Review

hey what’s up guys from out here greetings of the year and today I’m here with a list of 20 awesome Android apps to get you started with 2020 make sure to check out our best android games as well as iphone apps that being said let’s get started with this article let’s start with a really fun and informative app called gadget flow,

if you are into gadgets and technology this is a perfect app to explore what’s new and innovative in the gadgets world you get to know what’s name in the market what’s coming up in terms of innovation practicality and what not the best thing about this app is you are not only limited to technology gadgets but you get to know about various other stuff like Viking gadgets traveling gadgets camping gadgets kitchen decor office and so much more moreover you also get the details about the product and where to purchase it this app has been my favorite time killer as I get to know about a lot of cool stuff,

Next up is hex installer again this is for all the Samsung devices with the one UI as you guys have noticed the icon packs on the Play Store works with various launchers but not with the one UI and then we all know how bad the themes are on the Galaxy store so if you like theming your device and want to give it a unique look this is the app to get so how do you use it after installing this app go to themes on your phone and choose text after that you can customize the UI mode which means you can choose from various themes you can download additional plugins and themes from the Play Store then you can customize its color font and some other UI elements according to your preference once done you can tap build and install and there you go add simple as that,

Next up is remote fingerprint unlock as the name suggests this app allows you to unlock your PC or laptop via your phone’s fingerprint scanner sounds cool right so first you need to download the Windows fingerprint module from the link given in the description install it and now from your app you can hit scan while you are on the windows lock screen add your Windows user ID and password and there you go basically this works while connected to the same Wi-Fi else you can also use your Bluetooth or IP to pair your phone and laptop very simple and easy,

Next up is listo this is a news app but the main highlight here is not only you can go through the headlines and articles from various popular news sites but you can also listen to them the narration is really clear and good 18 hour days in a senior role by slipping away to a rented house near Richmond Park in London there hey so this way you can listen to the news rather than reading it also you can change the narration speed and download the audio for offline purpose,

Next up is walls b4 wallpapers we recommend walls be like other wallpaper app it does offer wide variety of wallpapers categorized into various categories but the selection options and the wallpapers are very unique from others some of the unique categories which I really like is art and drawing minimal space etc you can also do basic editing to your images before applying the wallpaper which is a nice addition for a wallpaper app give this a shot,

Next up is s Mouse, Mouse is only functional to note 10 or the note 10 plus as this app uses the guy row on the S Pen to control a virtual cursor you can use your S Pen to navigate scroll and almost perform any touch based inputs virtually from the S Pen the app works best when you hold your S Pen horizontally and will auto exit when you reinsert the S Pen quite handy to control article playback s– media controls and presentations and just in case guys if you own the note 10 or the note in class make sure you check out our best apps for the note 10 +,

Next up is movies edge this app will display a live music visualizer around the edges of your screen as soon as you play any music on your phone this will look really cool on any phone with edge or curve display moreover you can customize this visualization from the app like change the pattern colors directions speed etc this is a really cool app I would say as it gives that extra punch to your edge display,

Next up is tile shortcuts this app has always been my favorite when it comes to quickly performing tasks with this app you can add custom shortcuts for various apps and actions right on your notification toggles which is very easy to access you can add app shortcuts actions on various apps indents and URLs this make things quite easy and quick like calling your favorite contacts launching favorite apps or websites and so on,

Next up is CRISPR as the name suggests this app will bring crisp images illustrations and collections that can be used on various projects like backgrounds for different codes representation designing ideas or even as a wallpaper all these images are royalty-free and are really high-quality the good thing about this app is you can also edit these images to play around with colors for ideas a very useful app if you are into designing or social media management,

Next up is milkshake it’s a website builder this app helps you create your portfolio websites about you your work your business or any of your external link this is mostly handy on social apps like Instagram and Facebook you can create your own website at the URL to the bio and tell people about your work and your business a convenient way of professionally showcasing your work while creating your page you get wide variety of cards to choose from the one that suits me is the YouTube card then you can choose the type of look you want on your card once that’s done you can now edit all the content your URLs add custom logos display pictures and so on and then you can preview how your website looks,

Next up is FV file explorer’ this is a perfect file manager which I have discovered recently and it’s amazing first of all there is no ads which is a big plus and apart from that you get an organized preview of all your files which makes it really easy to find the type of file you are looking for and then there is search to quickly find the file folder and even web history another plus to this app is it can review all types of files like music articles photos web links zip files documents etc,

Next up its story maker if you want to up your stories games on social medias this app will certainly help you create stories to suit your style whether for business or if you are an influencer or just to be creative simply choose from the wide range of templates and start working on it choose your background add text change font colors etc and you’re done with attractive stories,

Next up is complete freedom trainer this is an app where you can learn about different types of freedoms so basically if you are learning any kind of musical instrument this app will come in handy there are lots of levels and lessons to learn and as you progress the new levels get unlocked the lessons are very intuitive and need a lot of physical participation rather than just learning words,

Next up is lithium this is my favorite ebook reader app the best thing about this ebook reader is it supports epub books as well it automatically detects all the ebooks on your device which is really good while reading you can customize page settings as by your preference and from settings you can customize your interaction features all this really adds up to the user experience so if you are looking for an e-book reader especially epubs this is the one to go with,

Next up is line bait icon pack this is my favorite icon pack of recent times the icons are colorful minimal yet stylish it has over thousand icons so it covers most of the apps gives a very subtle and neat look to your device definitely give this app a try,

Next up is wanna kicks this one’s my recent favorite it uses augmented reality for you to try out different sneakers as you can see here as of now the collection is limited to Nike Puma and Adidas sneakers we will surely get more with future updates anyhow this is a really cool implementation of AR to check how the sneaker will look if you think of purchasing it also you can move around to check the view from different angles for sneaker lovers this is a must-have give this a shot you will love it,

Next up is deep stashed deep stash is all about improvising yourself so if you want to improve yourself be it time management investments health leadership communication etc this app will get you related articles and stories to go through this way you can occupy yourself learning so much that adds a lot of value to your life it also recommends stories based on the stories you have read and the benefits are endless like this e knowledge is power this app is exactly that,

Next up is picnic to sum this app I would say this is a filter app for your photos but unlike other filter apps this app literally changes various elements of a photo rather than just slapping color tones or color profiles if you notice the sky in this picture you will understand what I mean so you can take pictures with this app itself with the filter on else try out various filters on your photos to see what goes the best with it a lovely app,

Next up is indestructible launcher as the name suggests this launcher has a very minimal approach to earth smartphone the constant urge to check your phone messenger social medias and whatnot which kills your productivity hence this launcher to avoid unwanted uses and only use important apps swiping up down left and right has different actions which can be customized from the settings the good thing with this launcher is if you search for any app let’s say Facebook the moment I type F a and it launches the app same with other apps and the recognition is amazing lastly we have otter voice meeting notes with this app you can record the voice and have the app transcribe into text we can simply start the recording and see the app doing the magic of recording the voice memo and transcribing it in real time the voice recognition is very accurate you can go through your recordings to see the transcribed text and their timestamps even play the voice recording and have the app highlight the words according to the words spoken this is a great app to record classroom lectures speeches interviews or your own audio logs also if you like the new voice memo app of the new pixel phones this app is certainly a great big to have that feature well that was the list guys I hope you enjoyed this article make sure to check out our games and awesome tech articles as well, stay tuned for more upcoming content and you guys have a great year ahead Thank you,

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