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Top 10 Best iPhone Games 2021 Review

what’s up guys this is someone here from expert gadgets and welcome to another episode of best iPhone games in this Article I’ve compiled a list of best games of 2019 to get you going through 2020 but before we begin don’t for subscribe another polycon if you don’t want to miss out on some Rob coming content and now let’s get this Article started first up we have Call of Duty mobile I can state with ease that Call of Duty mobile is one of the best shooter games made for phones in fact it might even be one of the best all time games ever made for phones this game opens up just like any other New Age mobile game would with regular rewards for logging in and rewards for being amongst the first players of the game premium past monetization for those who wish to play with more intent and so on it combines this with classic Call of Duty card classification weapons and gear mods and most importantly some of the most iconic see OD maps it further combines with capelin mechanics that focus on the realism of elements such as closeness to bullets and gun recoil along with New Age technology such as augmented reality cursor scope and the edit controller for drone strikes at your disposal next up we have the gardens between gardens between is a story of Ariana and friend who fall into a series of violent gardens with various objects from their childhood scattered about both of them will uncover various memories from the past and more through stunning visuals and nice puzzles you can influence each other’s actions but can’t directly control their movement though the world they ventured through is full of creative touches and small magical moments the two character on every moment from the way they subtly peep at one another while crossing pads to the adorable gestures they used to point out helpful objects in the distance and their body language Clues you into their special bond it may only take two to three hours to see everything the gardens between has to offer but the warm and fuzzy feelings from start to finish ensure that your memories are playing it will live on next up we have dead cells dead cells is really fun it’s actually one of the best games I’ve played this year the art is beautiful the gameplay is smooth challenging and rewards put practice and patience the soundtrack is superb and rewarding exploration with story is something I quite enjoy the controls are precise and easy to pick up and it doesn’t take much time to learn how an enemy attacks but it is hard to maintain composure and stick to your plan when the game throws a larger number of mobs at you,

Next up we have Mario Kart or Mario Kart or isn’t surprising in how it plays it features many of the carts characters and racetracks seen in Mario Kart 8 but it does strip down mechanics and controls to suit touchscreen devices as far as control goes you need only to swipe left to right on the screen to stare and drift you swipe up and down to throw items ahead or behind you and you can also touch the screen to get a boost of the starting line but otherwise the accelerator is pressed on automatically next up we have starred you Valley stardew valley is a farming simulation game where you take over your late grandpa’s old farm you will need to plant and harvest crops spend time fishing chat give gifts villagers and work your way through the fields most actions can be done with the tap the music is crisp and clean and the graphics are just as bright and beautiful as ever you won’t even notice how much time flies when you’re playing this and how much fun you’re having along the way next up we have Retro City Rampage DX the setup here is very similar to Grand Theft Auto as you either go on missions for various shady characters like with the main guy you’re working for you can advance the story with him complete missions for others or just run around town and blow stuff up what makes Retro City Rampage so impressive is the way that it really nails the whole grant of our experience while being more compact next up we have NBA 2k 20 the mobile game features a nice mix of different game modes and ways to play without arbitrary limitations are free to place on Anakin’s the most prominent mode is called my career which lets you take your created player through a full NBA career starting out as an unrooted college player looking to raise your stock ahead at the draft overall it’s the best basketball game out there for mobile six to shoot Wow here’s Leonard defense right on him he’s got so much junk in his trunk he’ll find a way to hurt you well doors an interesting game coach frank vogel what do you have to say back to green next up we have MotoGP 19 MotoGP 19 once again walks the tightrope almost perfectly hardcore fans of the sport are going to find themselves engrossed with the details while casual players can still hop right in and have some fun if last year was the overhaul MotoGP 19 offers the additions that makes the bump in the road feel worth it next up we have odd Mar now I played odd Mar on iOS for some time but I had no idea it already came out in Android 2 so for those people who haven’t played it here you control the enormous spike in protagonist a surface little oath who is pressed into duty when his entire village disappears he is granted a mystical power by the forest creatures that allows him to jump around by throwing down mushrooms but in exchange he has to also save the Great forest from evil creatures all in all the graphics are great and the gameplay is amazing and it’s a good game to play next up we have our dia or dia is one of the better games to take on the mantle of slingshotting games and thankfully a free-to-play version has landed on the Play Store all you have to do with slingshot your way from one end of the stage to another but of course once you make it to some of the later levels you better believe that you’ll have to contend with more than one of few obstacles as you navigate your way through your goal so that was it for this Article guys do leave a thumbs up if you liked it don’t feel subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on some more upcoming contents this year and as always thanks for reading this,

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