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Top 10 Best iOS Apps 2021 Review

what’s up guys are you sure greetings of the year 2020 and today I’m here with a list of 10 awesome iOS apps to get you started with the new year make sure to check out our iPad apps and games as well and with that being said let’s get started with this article now,

First up is a Productivity app called touch portal this app makes your smartphone act like a remote for your laptop or computer to perform various actions and tasks first you need to download this app on your PC  and your phone and once the installation is done pair your phone and you’re good to go now to perform actions you need to add tiles on a computer like opening any application navigating to any particular folder media functions and even assign twitch and OBS as tasks to stream games so once you create tiles and assign them with actions you get that on your phone now just tap the tile on your phone and the action is performed awesome stuff great for creatives designers musicians and even gamers this app is a treat to enhance your productivity now,

Next up is my favorite email client boomerang this is one of the best replacement for the stock mail app on iOS the app has been my default for all the emails because of the features it offers without any ads or subscriptions you can have multiple accounts of your email and have them organized in a really many ways the brief me option gives you a clean representation of all your new and unread emails you can also have the app auto answer your emails when you’re unable to reply them you can create a custom reply and give exceptions as well which is an amazing feature when you’re out of for holidays also you can add boomerang new emails which means you can save the notification for later access so you would forget replying or reading important emails you can also swipe your mails for other actions and the best thing is even these swiping options can be customized from the settings which is pretty neat you also have a built-in voice command for actions like searching for emails ascenders and so on and while composing emails you can also create a draft and have the app remind you on your given time should you look message for later so you know your email is being received on time the results of a state espada shows the email stats and how it will be perceived by the recipient and the best part is all these handy features are totally free you should probably have this app if you frequently use emails now let’s go along with some photos and videos app as iPhone 11 comes with some amazing cameras starting with canva stories these days stories are getting more effective than actual posts so to game up your stories on Instagram Facebook and whatsapp you can try this app you have a variety of templates to choose from like minimalistic templates Dark One’s covers for your highlights and many more choose the one that suits your need and start editing with your pictures text etc and once you are done creating your post you can share it instantly add more pages to your stories and rearrange them also your post gets automatically saved for future uploads now,

Next up is pro cam 7 despite all that awesome camera on the iPhone 11 Perot you still don’t get manual controls hence this app makes it to the list pro cam has the best manual camera controls to get the best out of your iPhone’s camera the UI is a well-designed as well you can control the settings like exposure ISO shutter speed white balance and focus by selecting and setting and adjusting it from the slider same goes for video as well you also get various modes for your cameras like slow shutter time-lapse and 3d also you can select the aspect ratio enable grid with Levela change the image formats or switch between the dual or triple lens a lot of good stuffs plus settings that give you more control and features to get the best out of your camera now,

Next up is 24 fps we’ve already covered enough camera app so we’ll quickly go through this app if you are passionate in filming videos on your iPhone and the name suggests 24 fps which is basically a frame rate for shooting cinematic videos so basically it applies lots to your videos as you can see here you can choose to look as per your preference according to the subject you were shooting and you’re good to go moreover it also comes with a built-in stabilization feature which is amazing for handheld shooting as you can see here amazing app once you’re done taking videos you need something to edit it right for that we have firm R this is a great app to edit videos right on your phone you can import clips from your gallery and just get straight to editing you can add clips to your project trim the clips and transition effects add music text overlay any picture of videos and lastly choose the aspect ratio so if you’re editing to share on different social medias this is really handy you can also add different effects filters as well as tweak other adjustments it’s a basic video editing app which is a really handy to quickly edited videos right on your phone,

Next up we’ve got after light for photo editing on your smart phone we recommend you after light with this photo editing app apart from a regular photo editing tools like cropping and adjusting it offers additional tools to enhance your pictures like adding grain to your picture color overlay gradient hue adjustments Tinh adjustments detail highlight contrast adjustments and much more along with that you have touch tools for portraits especially then you’ve got a lot of filters to get that look you desire lastly you have fancy tools like adding light flares color shifts along with double exposure text artwork and layers now this is a complete packaged one-stop solution kind of photo editing app we really recommend this one now,

Next up wanna kicks now this is one of my recent favorites it uses AR for you to try out different sneakers as you can see here as of now the collection is limited to thank ebu MA and Adidas sneakers we will get more with future updates anyhow if this is a really cool implementation of AR to check how the sneakers will look if you’re thinking of purchasing also you can move around to check the view from different angles for sneaker lovers this is a must now,

Next up we’ve got a Lommy this is an alarm app but with a twist you will have to perform small puzzles to snooze which forces you and your mind to wake up before snoozing the alarms so the twist here is while adding alarms you can choose the type of like there is a snake pattern taking a picture of specific objects math problems QR code or memorize games once the alarm goes on to dismiss it you will get your puzzle accordingly these puzzles help you wake up and once the puzzle is solved you get your news and you can also set a horoscope for updates from the app you also get sleep music which will help you fall asleep you need to give this app a try,

Next up we’ve got vellum for wallpapers we have vellum this is not a new app but a very few know about this plus with the recent updates it’s even better the wallpaper app is really unique you get various categories to choose from along with daily wallpapers as you can see the categories and the type of wallpapers you get are very different from other wallpaper app if you like any wallpaper you can also add just this bouquet level to increase if you want a blurred wallpaper test it before downloading and save the image just give this app a shot and you won’t be disappointed now,

Next up we’ve got gadget flow if you are into gadgets and Technology this is a perfect app to explore what’s new and innovative in the gadgets and accessories world now you can also get what’s new in the market what’s coming up in terms of innovation and practically what’s not now the best thing about this app is you are not only limited to gadgets but you also get to know more about other stuffs, Thanks for reading,

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