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Pixel 3a Two Months Later – Review!

hey what’s up guys profit here in today’s article I will be sharing my two months experience with the pixel 3e since the Nexus 5 google has been into the premium line of flagship smartphones with the best-in-class hardware and software but that also meant it was priced along with other flagships and just when the pixel 4 was around the corner Google came up with the pixel 3a and the pixel 3 axl they are priced at 399 and 479 respectively now this takes me back to 2013 when the Nexus 5 showed us that good phones can be cheap too and Here I am sharing my experience with the pixel 3a which is a budget offering from Google firstly let’s look around the pixel 3e this phone looks really identical to its predecessor the pixel 3 and the 3 XL you can barely spot a difference between the old guy and the new one one things that different is the comeback of the headphone jack which is a pleasant surprise so are the specs inside and the materials used to build this phone as the 3a is entirely made out of plastic which makes this phone super light and comfortable to hold in the hands the phone feels premium though and no one can say it’s made out of plastic just by looking at it talking about the performance it is using the lower end CPU from Qualcomm the Snapdragon 670 with four gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of internal storage,

now I know these specs sounds a little outdated but since this is stock Android and the software is insanely well optimized you just barely feel the lack of performance under heavy load everything runs smooth even when performing heavy tasks like playing graphic intensive games or switching constantly between apps this is the phone that makes you forget about the specs and gets work done though there are occasional lags while taking HDR and portrait images as you will have to wait a little to see the final result after you have snapped the picture while we are on picture let’s talk about the camera this phone outperforms even the flagships as the pixel phones are well known for its cameras the main highlight of this phone is the price and the camera has well forget the price and the specs this is the phone that takes better photos than most of those premium segment phones and if you’re posting the images from this camera onto your social medias people will highly doubt it’s coming from a $400 phone it’s that good the pictures are so good I’d buy it even if it were just a point-and-shoot camera the thing is we get the same camera from the pixel three with the same 12.2 megapixel sensor, and let me just tell you that the pictures are fantastic it does not require dual or triple camera set up to take amazing pictures the pictures tend to be vibrant and colorful with tons of details sharpness and just the right amount of contrast the portraits are fantastic as well as the low-light shots as you can see in these sample shots,

I was blown away by its low-light capabilities the night mode really helps in the low-light scenarios balances the highlights and the shadows really well like I said I was amazed by its camera performance the sample shot speaks for itself overall the picture looks really good straight out of the camera it feels as if they have been processed the selfie camera is also good with create light adjustments and sharp details however the front camera struggles a little on low-light but you can also use the Nightside mode to get the perfect selfies on low-light as well moreover it offers different modes to satisfy your shooting needs and since it uses the same camera like on the pixel 3 that quality is outstanding now let’s talk about the software and this is also a segment where Google has impressed me a lot it’s running the latest version of stock Android 9.0 and will be receiving updates alongside the pixel 3 and the upcoming pixel 4 as always I love stock Android for what it is it has a simple user interface with just about the right number of features that we actually used I like the squeeze feature that launches the Google assistant which is super handy also a quick tip here is that you can just squeeze the phone and simply ask your assistant to open apps or perform other tasks like turning on the flashlight making phone calls turn on and off the Wi-Fi Bluetooth etc we also get new features with Android Pi like the easier volume controls that pops up right next to the volume keys which also makes it super easy to switch between sound profiles and then there’s dark mode that helps you save battery as well as it looks good and helps in the night time the play moji is fun with kids where you can have this cute AR emojis while taking pictures plus the ability to use the phone in landscape mode it’s super cool with these specs and the software the phone still manages to run throughout the day with 10 to 20% of

left at the end of the day it is backed up by a 3000 milliamp hour battery which you can fast charge my use it includes constant switching between social apps lots of messaging Bluetooth to play audio while driving the Wi-Fi and 4G is always on and I frequently  read articles on different websites the screen on time is usually between five to seven hours five hours and heavy uses and if you cut down on some tasks along with power saving mode you can squeeze in some more screen on time I was actually surprised by the refinement of the software and how much this phone offers at such a low price point so where did they actually cheap out on well as I mentioned earlier this phone has the lower specs which does mean it has few drawbacks like the lack of wireless charging new IP rating no 4k recording and not as smooth as flagships while opening demanding apps and games also I felt the speaker isn’t loud enough but I am just nitpicking here by the way the single bottom firing speaker combined with the earpiece speaker does the job well while consuming media or gaming the GIM OLED panel is also surprisingly better than what I expected with rich colors and details and also the sunlight visibility is decent not as good as the flagships but it’s good the fingerprint and everything in general is super smooth no lags and jitters anywhere never felt restricted in terms of day-to-day usage so to conclude I have used other phones at similar price range like the poco phone f1 and the red Miki 20 pro generally it’s about what you want out of your device or what’s your priority so for me pixel 3a is the best phone if you are looking for the best camera and overall a balanced performance well that was it thanks for reading,

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