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Is Anesthesia Dangerous for Dogs?

I comprehend that it’s startling to anesthetize your canine or feline yet you have to converse with your veterinarian about your concerns, about your individual dogs or cats medical problems and even with her arrhythmia we were able to successfully do her anesthesia. She’s still very sleepy but she’s home and she’s doing great. Also, the uplifting news is her mouth is never again stinky.

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Site. Today we are talking about dentistry. What, what are you saying Dr. Sue? So today Matilda and I had an exceptionally huge day. Because she had her teeth cleaned finally. And I’ll be honest guys I have been putting off for years and years getting her teeth cleaned. The veterinarian in me knows that we should be cleaning our dogs teeth maybe once to twice a year but I haven’t done it in, true confession, six years. And one of the reasons was I was scared to put her under anesthesia. And I anesthetize dogs every day for CT scans and I send them to surgery, but she has an arrhythmia and I was really concerned about that. And today made me realize that my concerns are the concerns that many of you have about I’m scared to put my dog under anesthesia. So I just wanted to hop on and share my story with you. Cookie? Beautiful, chest xrays). Beautiful, beautiful, yeah, you’re beautiful. Good girl. The reason that I was so scared was when she was four, that was when she had a dentistry and that same year was when we fixed her torn cruciate. It was actually six weeks after when she was having sedated x-rays when she had a really bad arrhythmia, ventricular arrhythmia which could have been life-threatening. What’s more, that was the first occasion when that we distinguished that arrhythmia. She saw the cardiologist, she’s been on sotalol, an enemy of arrhythmic drug for a long time.

 But I felt that I didn’t want to put her under anesthesia if she didn’t need it. Last year she tore her second cruciate and we had to put her under anesthesia to get that fixed. And she did super fantastic under anesthesia and it made me realize all that time that I been so scared about anesthesia in her that it would be just fine. So made the decision this year that she needed to get that dental. Her teeth were disgusting and they really, really needed a cleaning and her breath was horrible. So she did great. (metal scraping) When your dog or cat gets that dentistry it’s a great time for the veterinary technician and your veterinarian to look in their mouth and look for oral cancer. Since oral drop is the fourth most basic malignant growth that we find in hounds and very  common in cats as well. What’s more, regardless of whether your veterinarian can open up their mouth at their yearly physical test,  it’s really hard to look at all parts of the mouth under the tongue. With the goal that dental test is an incredible time for them to do an intensive oral test to search for oral cancer. Good news for Ms. Matilda that in addition to not only not having any oral lumps or bumps and masses, none of her teeth needed to be extracted. So again, it’s just my reminder to you that even though we’re concerned about anesthesia we have to look at the benefits of the anesthesia and doing the procedure and for her getting her teeth cleaned and getting that clean bill of health in her mouth. And just a reminder to get your dogs and cats teeth cleaned on a regular basis.

 You should be brushing your dogs and cats teeth as well. True confession, I don’t do it as much as I should. In any case, it’s actually additionally on the off chance that you do brush your pooch and feline’s teeth you will diminish the recurrence  that you need to do those dentals as well. So sedation isn’t as startling as it might be.  Talk to your veterinarian. And Matilda did just great. Yes. She didn’t care for being fasted and not eating. But she got half for dinner tonight and you’re gonna get the other half this evening. So thanks so much for watching guys. If you have any questions about anesthesia drop ’em below, please subscribe, talk to your veterinarian about your pets health and your concerns about anesthesia. And then hopefully you will get the green light and your pet will be able to get anesthesia so they can get the procedure done that they need. What you think about that baby girl? Say good night, thanks for Reading guys. We’ll see you soon.

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