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Google Pixel 4XL Review 2021

Dare to be different this is the statement Google went with when they came up with the pixel 4 and the 4 XL it may look the same like the latest iPhones from the back but they have really gone different when it comes to the knotch display and the missing Auto ID camera well you may not be impressed with a look at first sight and looking at the spec sheet it may not even be that impressive but after you use it for a while you do start to appreciate it and it’s nifty little features it was advises someone here from expert gadgets and this is the pixel for excel review now I’m a big stock Android fan since the Nexus 4 there’s something about pure Android that just gets me and I keep trying every new phone Google comes out with all the in stock Android devices you get to see what real Android is like Google wants you to see how their pure form of Android handles the OS and usage with ok specifications it’s also the first one in line when the new version of Android comes out and since the Nexus 6p it’s among the best pick every year for the best camera on a smartphone now don’t get me wrong here I’m not going to be biased in this review after a month of using this phone I will truly share what I love about it and what I hate about it first and foremost the unboxing experience was really good and I also got a sleek looking case that went well with the color of my choice it comes with the USB c2 USB cable alongside an adapter and a fast charger and while looking around the pixel the big change from the pixel 3 is the elimination of the ever so ugly notch and the very useful fingerprint scanner don’t get me wrong here I love to have more real estate on my display and the notch on the iPhone and Samsung are bearable but the one that pixel had before this was just way too much it’s a good decision to rather have this chin and the forehead than that unbearable notch we had before however this look doesn’t feel like 2019 and yes bezel less is a thing but it is not a feature you cannot live without as it makes no difference on the usage you get the same amount of features and uninterrupted display but this was a risky move from Google to keep the ugly forehead and it might be a big letdown for most of us now looking around the pixel we have a dual camera on the back with a square hump for the camera making it so identical to the latest iPhones but this layout for the cameras is the most practical and technically correct then we have the ever so glossy glass back as the black coloured version only has the gloss finish but unfortunately the glossy one is a super fingerprint magnet it catches a lot of fingerprints and smudges with dirts so wiping it often becomes a habit and ironically this phone is also a fingerprint magnet without the fingerprint sensor looking around you have the colored power button with not so clicky volume keys the SIM card tray on one side USB C port bottom firing speakers and no headphone jack now if you have watched Jared’s video you will know where the pressure points are but keep in mind that the pressure Jerry puts on his tests are never likely to happen in real life it’s an OK phone that will last longer if you’re careful enough and if you use a case and a screen protector and for some reason the screen protector for the iPhone 11 pro max can be used on the pixel for Excel and it’s almost a perfect fit internally the pixel for Excel houses a snapdragon 855 chipset which 6 GB of RAM 64 128 gigabytes of storage six point three inch P OLED screen which has the refresh rate of 90 Hertz only sometimes 3700 milliamp hour battery that can be charged wirelessly and a face ID as a biometric security you have an 8 megapixel selfie camera and dual 12.2 and sixteen point eight megapixel cameras now that the specs are of the way I will tell you why I said 90 Hertz sometimes I think most of us are already over that the pixel fours 90 Hertz refresh rate only works in few conditions and gets back to 60 Hertz mostly on full brightness and intensive gaming the 90 Hertz gets triggered and you can see the full potential of the display,

But normally the displays 60 Hertz like other flagships you can always force the 90 Hertz via developer settings but it will surely drain your battery to almost half its capacity this isn’t a huge issue as most of the flagships still uses the 60 Hertz refresh rate but come on Google why market something if it’s only conditional but either way the display is good enough even at 60 Hertz the only issue I personally had with this are the corners are way too round it and it will make some of the contents look a little odd talking about the issue another issue that this is famous for is the radar system underneath the big forehead for some reason I couldn’t use this feature where I live but looking how unnecessary and dramatic this controls look on the Internet I am glad is disabled and the face ID has a problem too it’s more complicated to use and I’m rather ok with an extra step of swiping up the face idea on the pixel for really feels like it is under development it gets unlocked with your eyes closed can unlock at unwanted times or won’t even unlock if you don’t directly place your head right in front of the sensor you can tweak its settings to make it more but the way sensors work won’t change and that’s a bummer now let’s talk about the software the pixel for Excel is running the latest version of Android Android 10 out of the box the major changes with this is the face unlock on the newer pixel phones overhaul gesture navigation and the new version of Google assistant the gesture navigation takes a while to get used to and sometimes it’s a hit or miss you can’t instantly go back to apps that uses the slider menu as an option multitasking is also tricky and while gaming you have to know where to swipe up from it’s an early stage of using only gestures to navigate so you might need some time getting used to however you can always bring back the traditional navigation buttons of Android but again that feels like using an old Android phone also the new voice recorder app with its magic instant transcription is cool and all but it never actually had to use this feature other than actually testing to see how it actually works if I was studying in a school it would be a great way to record the entire lecture but I don’t go to school and I don’t have frequent meetings so this won’t be any use to me but I gotta say this is pretty darn accurate this feature is only available in English and you can replay your recording with highlights according to the transcription – which is again really cool I just wish I could use this more often now let’s come to the good sides the pixel four has to offer it has to be the camera the pixel series have the reputation of dominating mobile photography since the original pixel and I can confidently say it is keeping this title this year as well I would buy this phone even if it was a point-and-shoot camera the pictures aren’t that good you can get amazing shots out of this dual camera setup even the zoom shots are high quality you can zoom up to two times and the rest is digitally zoomed comparing this with the other latest flagships it certainly does a better job at rendering details like even the hair strands it is certainly better than the old pixel three it has better exposure with less noise and colors are almost true to life and I’m saying almost because sometimes the color tends to pop more than they should especially while taking pictures with strong highlights but this means capturing details in the high contrast areas is excellent on the pixel for especially in broad daylight or in a well-lit room however the selfie camera doesn’t have a whole lot going on for it it still takes amazing selfies like it did before and it is still amongst the best selfie cameras but we’ve had better selfies from other phones on our testing I will let the picture do the talking here and we’ll share some of my pictures from the pixel for Excel now to the video the pixel does the job just fine and he can shoot great videos with it but is nothing too impressive and it cannot shoot in 4k at 60fps as Google is trying to save your phone storage,

but I’d still like to have an option the best video you can get out of this is at 1080p at 60fps which packs great details with minimal noise the exposures and colors are spot-on to the video stabilization is also quite good and to support this amazing camera it has a great default camera app to go with it this camera app now has dual exposure controls which means you can manually adjust the highlights and the shadows while taking pictures which is great in scenarios where the background is brighter than the subject and each camera mode also comes with respective settings to change the file format aspect ratio focus setting and so on I really wish it had a full manual control to make the most of this amazing camera but I guess this will be only possible via third-party apps I really do hate Google’s decision on not choosing to have a wide-angle camera I personally barely use the wedding a camera mode but hey it’s always great to have an option you can also do so much with a wide-angle camera and everybody’s caught one except Google alongside the great camera the pixel is also great for media consumption well it’s not the biggest display out there but without the knotch you have full view of your media contents backed up by amazing dual speakers whether it’s music or voice calls the sound output is loud and spacious which is one of my top priority on a smartphone however the battery life on the pixel 4xl is pretty average for my usage while the iPhone 11 Pro Max and no 10 are killing it on battery department even with the bigger pixel I can barely manage to make it throughout the day I’ve had times where while using the phone the battery just goes down a percent or two and I have to charge it before the evening starts to me personally I love the Excel with the amazing camera speaker and the purest form of Android but I really don’t know why I would recommend this phone to others when there are better phones at the same price point or even lower but I will be using this phone because I don’t mind the forehead or the chin I don’t have people unlocking my phone while I’m asleep and I have a charger everywhere I go so charging twice is also not an issue but for someone looking for a worthy phone for the price they pay it is still a great choice that gets the job done but certainly not the best,

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