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Best iPhone 11/11 Pro Accessories Review 2020

what’s up guys are you sure and in this article I’m gonna take you through some of the awesome accessories that I think is great for the iPhone 11:11 pro and pro Mac’s not only the iPhone but many of the accessories might be useful for Android devices as well also recently we released our top case 5 on 11 make sure to check that out and now without any further delay let’s get this started since we’ve already covered our favorite cases let’s start with a screen protector this one’s called eye cares the best thing about this tempered glass is that it covers the front cameras senses and edges of your screen leaving space only for your speakers so almost all the glass in your front is protected you also get a screen applicator in the Box to align the glass with the screen so you get a perfect fit it’s also 9h hardness so it will not get scratches easily,

Next up is a bluetooth earbud from Aki the Aqua key series t10 is just over $100 which you might think is a little expensive for Aki but it shows the t10 looks and feels like a premium product from expensive well-known brands the charging case for example has a round shape with a lid even slide open rather than pull both the charging case an earpiece has stylish dark grey color with a silver or key logo in the center and the build quality is superb both the inside and the outside of the earpiece looks smooth and feels soft to touch talking about the battery life they are on par at this price with up to 7 hours of playtime on average volume you can see the battery status with 4 LED lights on the outside and can be charged by a USB type-c or by a wireless charging once you take the earbuds out the aki t10 connects to your device quickly connectivity overall is outstanding coming to the sound quality the buds deliver thump bass clearer meds and a satisfactory highs compared to the air buds that Eaton offers a lot more for its price and that makes it a great replacement for ear pods now,

Next up we’ve got Abram Tec e 600 in case you want to listen to music in a non subtle manner then this speaker from Abram Tech isn’t my choice the speaker is a little big but it does have its reasons first of all the bass is outstanding it’s really deep and you can feel the bass drop even at medium volumes second it features a 360 surround sound so you have a great listening experience and unlike other 360 speakers which only output sound left and right this one outputs sound on the bottom and top as well here is a sample   now the only direct mysterious sound gives the impression that you are in a multi speaker environment this Give you to enjoy and immerse yourself within this powerful spherical and precise clear quality of sound in every location of your room certainly the design is very stylish the LED light at the middle adds a lot of aesthetic and the large base also gives it a premium look the overall sound is great with amazing base great meds and crispy highs all in all the speaker is great for parties and are really good furniture piece too now let’s come to charging accessories we have a key wall adapter one is 60 and the other is 30 watts the yogi 60 watt dual port is the smallest and lightest dual USB type-c 60 watt charger I’ve come across it is compact and lightweight both great features when you’re looking for a portable travel charger the USB type-c ports have orange rings around them which makes them easy to see particularly when you are trying to plug a black USB cable into a black charger the case is constructed from durable plastic which makes it impact resistant and has a matte black finish that is resistant to scuffing and scratching the bottom port provides enough power for a quick charge on a 13-inch MacBook frohe which can draw up to 56 watts this allows you to charge just as quickly as you would with a factory charger and whether you are charging one device or two an LED light on the charging block provides an independent indicator of whether it’s receiving power or not if 60 watt is a lot for you then you’re looking for a smaller charger just for your phone then this is the one you need following the small form factor this is probably the smallest charger I’ve seen as well it’s about the same size as the charger you’d get with your – 11 but it outputs 30 what instead of the measly 5 watt the output supports USB PD fast charging which can output 503 ampere 9 volt 3 ampere 12 volt 2.25 ampere 15 volt 1 point 8 ampere 20 volt 1.35 ampere simultaneously now,

Next up we’ve got a key USB type-c to lightning cable we all know how the lightning cable that Apple gives us breaks really fast and replace it cost a bit too much as well so if you’re looking for a steadier and less expensive cable then this one from Oki is an amazing Buy this USB 2.0 supports data transfer at up to 480 Mbps between your USB C equipped Mac and lightning enabled iPhone the connectors are slim and they provide for easy connection additionally the cable is durable and flexible with braided nylon build it also has a 12,000 plus bend lifespan in fact it’s so durable Oki has decided to give this cable a lifetime warranty now,

Next up we’ve got Aki wireless charger stand for a wireless charger I use the office 10 watt wireless charger stand this wireless charger can charge your iPhone quicker compared to other wireless charges and the reason,

why I choose this over wireless charger is because of its build quality simplicity and the trust I have on orky you can simply rest your iPhone both in portrait or landscape mode and have your phone charts effortlessly well it’s not just for your iPhone body you can also charge other Qi wireless devices as well and depending upon your device this wireless charger can deliver up to five seven point five or 10 watts of output and since the wireless charger will never overcharge your device it’s a great choice to charge your phone also the charger is properly built with a metal hinge supporting it there’s a red light indicator that shows when the charger is on standby and green light that shows when your device is charging now,

Next up we’ve got qva USB charging station if you have a lot of devices and are fed up charging each and every one in different places then this charging station will come in handy a design is amazing and comes with a clasp that you can remove to make space for bigger devices it has an embedded smart IC chip set that enables each port to detect the need of the connected device and assign the maximum full charging speed of up to 2.4 ampere and the anti-scratch non slippery silicone pads whole and organized up to six devices stable and keep them safe while charging there’s also a built-in surge protection against overcharging surges and overheating which ensures steady power output to device even when six devices are charged simultaneously it’s a great product to clear the clutter and have all your devices charged in one place and now in case you shoot a lot of photos and videos with you iPhone or if you’re a fan of cinematography and these products will really come in handy first up rode videomic metl,

if you want a portable and easy to use mic then the rode videomic is perfect for you now this is a small microphone designed five phones with the Lightning ports it’s aimed at vloggers interviewers and musician who want to capture higher quality audio then the phone’s built-in microphone you’ll also benefit most from the video mic when you’re using it at a close range or outdoors when combined with the wind shoe of the mic is really simple to use just plug it in facing either you all your subject and it’s ready to go and I have to say the audio quality on this is really clean and clear nowadays cameras on phones are getting much better and people who usually shoot their videos on their phones but mics and never really get improved so this mic bridges that gap between audio and video now

Next up San Marc hybrid filters these hybrid filters from sanma combined the depth of field and control shutter speed of nd filters with the vibrant colors and contrast of PL filter with this landscape photography and outdoor filmmaking now have an even more cinematic look by protecting the camera from overexposure and improving the high dynamic range the hybrid filter gives you the highest possible control over your camera the glass is really high quality and the tint is very well distributed and balanced the surface is also pretty big and can cover all the cameras in my iPhone 11 Pro Max Plus you also get a great carrying pouch which protects all three filters and makes it really easy to carry around now,

Next up San Marc traveling pouch if you shoot videos and photos with your iPhone then you’ll obviously carry a lot of accessories to help you with it but these accessories can be pretty fragile and just throwing it in the back or phone make it so this carrying case from San Marc solves a problem it has loops to hold the items in place and it has compartments so that you can keep things separate the chain pouch will hold items in place and overall protects your valuable items plus you also get this loop strap so that you won’t even need to carry a bag now,

Next up we’ve got insta 360 go the insta 360 go is an action camera but not quite what its name suggests this is insert 360s first non 360-degree camera but it has plenty for the appeals to make up for the standard wide-angle view it’s really tiny includes a wide area of mount accessories that GoPro would make you pay for it weighs 18 grams and makes a grow pro look really big its flow state stabilization is excellent smoothie guard footages to a similar extent to the GoPro Hero 7 black you use the dock to access all your recorded video clips as the iNSYS 360 go camera itself does not have a screen or your USB socket it also comes with a handful of sockets there is a threat for your tripods selfie sticks and action cam grips a magnetized one you can attach to your fridge a clamp clip with a reusable sticky surface and a necklace most of these use a strong magnet to keep the Institute with 60 go in place and it’s only made to shoot 15 seconds to 30 seconds of video clips given the right light the image quality on the iNSYS 360 go is smooth clean and impressive with this you can capture small shots of your favorite moments and if that’s what you want then insert 360 go is all you need so that’s pretty much it for this video guys please write down in the comment section below which is your favorite accessories and please don’t forget to subscribe and hit that Bell icon for more notifications we will be coming up with more accessories in the part two of this series until then have a great day,

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