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Best Gaming Accessories 2021 Review

what’s up guys this is someone here from expert gadgets and these are some gaming accessories. let’s get this article started first up we have the Razor blade 15 previously razor has had some bad reputation in cooling well what could you expect it satin and light gaming laptop but now razor has completely changed up the cooling designs and came up with the new razor blade I have the 15 inch model with the Ardex 2060 16 GB of RAM and I 78758 processor this laptop has made working and gaming a whole lot easier games run smoothly with no FPS drops and you can game most games on ultra and 1080p 60fps the trackpad is amazing and not something you would expect out of a Windows laptop and the keyboard is tactile and great to game with although sometimes the part where you rest your wrist can get warmer than you want but the laptop is really light and carrying it around is easier than my previous Ellen ware which is one of the top reasons I bought this laptop,

Next up we have the Audio Technica g1 WL wireless gaming headset the headphones are built around a pair of 45 millimeter drivers the closed back ear cups offer great amount of low-end even at lower volumes the mids are crispy and great for listening to vocals and game soundtracks the highs are also no joke to things like the cymbal hitting in songs and footsteps and games weren’t drowned out by the bass it’s great for almost any game whether it be casual or competitive you also have surround sound so you can pinpoint the locations of con shots or footsteps in FPS games and this gives you a very distinct advantage in competitive gaming when it comes to the microphone the g1w L is amazing the mic noise cancellation is set just right to minimize keyboard clicks without muffling your voice the mic is also entirely detachable so it won’t get in the way when you’re casually gaming or listening to music overall this wireless headset is great for mobile gaming and you do it’s lightweight nature it’s very portable,

Next up we have motor speed CK 80 mechanical keyboard this has got to be one of the best looking keyboards I have ever seen it’s got LED lights around its sides gray and black key caps and a very sharp design the LED lights make it look stunning and the gray accents make this keyboard unique it’s got a dial on the side and an key rollover which make things much easier and the dial can change volume and brightness it’s got autumn silver switches which provide amazing tactile feedback with lots of travel for precise input and they were amazing to type in game with gaming was amazing with this keyboard the actions were precise and there is no input lag the RGB lights and gray color provide for a really good looking keyboard that is going to turn some heads overall for gaming this is one of the best looking and functional keyboards you can buy but if you don’t like mechanical keyboards or if it’s too loud for use in your office then the Corsair K 57 is another great choice the belt needless to say it’s top-notch the RGB is button accurate plus the keys have great feedback despite it not being mechanical there are dedicated media buttons which makes changing volume a lot easier and the overall typing experience is pretty good it’s even got a wrist rest that does a lot to improve the ergonomics and comfort the keyboard is Wireless so carrying it around is easy and you can game without worrying about the wires dangling the battery life is also pretty good so you don’t have to regularly charge it all in all it’s a great keyboard for non mechanical keyboard lovers,

Next up we have the logitech g502 light spee, the g502 has been my all-time favorite Gaming Mouse and I recently had bought the g502 hero but Logitech decided to launch the wireless version just two weeks after I caught my mouse so now that my hero is finally old and it’s time for an upgrade what better must to get than the g5 or to Lightspeed Wireless this mouse is everything the last one was and better first of all it’s wireless and has no difference in lag secondly it can also charge wirelessly while gaming so you don’t even need to plug to charge it and thirdly it’s lighter than its predecessor which makes this mouse even better but if you want something that’s half the price but still performs great then the Corsair iron claw is your choice it’s got great tracking and a really great response time it’s got RGB and the mouse also looks stylish the battery life is pretty good and can easily last you about five to six days the clicks feel good and responds with no delay plus it’s got seven extra buttons which is handy and remapping them is also pretty easy so for the price it’s a great wireless mouse and you certainly get what you paid for for storing games and faster loading times I’ve got the SanDisk 1tb SSD this SSD has been very helpful for not only games but also transferring all those large video footages it’s got an extremely fast read and write speed of 550 and 500 PS respectively it has a ruggedized build which makes it shockproof and further has ip55 water and dust resistance all in all this has been a great help to me as I don’t need to have games on my laptop every time which saves a lot of storage.

Next up we have the gaze on mouse pad for the mousepad I’ve chosen gaze on because of two reasons first of all it’s solid so it can be bent this is specifically useful if you’re gaming on unusual surfaces and second because it’s got wireless charging so you can just set your phone down and have it charged without the fuss of wires,

Next up we have have it laptop cooler now laptops do tend to get hot we’re not provided with good airflow so I’ve got this habit cooler to further cool the laptop and elevate it so that the laptop gets sufficient airflow the avid cooler can easily decrease the temperatures by 5 to 10 degrees which is great as far as cooling can go and it also glows blue which is a nice touch.

Next up we have the razor backpack now to carry all this you’ve got to need a pretty good bag and the one I’ve gone for is the razor backpack first of all the bag is big it can easily fit the keyboard mousepad Mouse laptop charger and headphones and still have some room to spare the bag is made out of great fabric and it’s also waterproof so your precious electronics don’t get damaged it also has a separate lap to compartment with sufficient padding so it’s well protected it’s got some small pouches and first to hold small things and a spacious mid-sized Orage to keep all your stuff all in all for mobile gaming this bag will hold all you need so that was it for this video guys do leave a thumbs up if you liked it go for sub scribe hit that Bell icon if you don’t want to miss out on summer upcoming content and as always thanks for watching this is someone,

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