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Awesome Games on Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review

First up we have The Silent Age,

The Silent Age is a game that will take you a few hours to complete it’s a point and click adventure in a very traditional style the silent age cast you as a dude named Joe he’s a janitor for questionable Pig cooperation living out his life in the early 70s then he has a really weird day and ends up acquiring a time machine and a quest to solve the world from a terrible plague that kills everyone and you will have to accomplish this quest by solving arbitrary puzzles and breaking things,

Next up we have hashtag drive,

This is an analyst driving game that’s inspired by classic action movies from the 70s and 80s the game is overall pretty straightforward you’d have to drive a car down an endless road and see how far you can get by avoiding obstacles while you’re driving you’ll need to pick up bottle caps gas and other power-ups like a wrench to fix the damage on your car and a donut to get the cops off your tail,

Next up we have Airline Commander,

For all the plane lovers out there this game is for you the available planes are numerous as well as differentiated from little planes to giant ones like the Boeing 747 and the same can be said of runways and airports everything is reproduced with fair fidelity tanks of the use of satellite images and the control system guarantees the precision necessary to tackle each maneuver with precision,

Next up we have Stardew Valley,

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game where you take over your late grandpa’s old farm you will need to plant and harvest crops Splenda efficient chat give gifts to villagers and work your way through the fields most actions can be done with the tap the music is crisp and clean and the graphics are as just as bright and beautiful as ever you won’t even notice how much time flies when you’re playing this and how much fun you are having along the way,

Next up we have Rescue Wings,

Here you cruise to the sky in this filling forest rescue you have to fill your water tank to the brim by diving into lakes and tackle deadly forest fires as you duck weave and soar through narrow caves and endless skies you can choose between a lot of planes ranging from cool to crazy like rocket fuel jets stealth bombers and UFOs,

Next up we have Door Kickers,

as a tenth precise tactics game that turns SWAT team interventions into real-time with pause battles it’s mostly about stuff going kaboom there’s a single-player mode too but playing with a pal is recommended after all some doors are pretty tough an extra hand always helps,

Next up we have Mobile Legends Adventure,

Mobile Legends Adventure is an idol RPG here a collector Chandra set in the mobile legends bang bang MOBA universe adventure explores ancient eras of the land of dawn the game takes the player to the origin era the era of gods and the arif euros the history of the land of dawn has been forgotten especially the battle between the light and the shadow and from which the mightiest heroes demerged these heroes are shaved the world into a new age and this era is called the era of rebirth now it is your job as a player to find new heroes and defend this now new world from the for cotton threat,

Next up we have cat bird,

Is that a cat is that a bird it’s cat bird in this game you control a weird but cute animal called cat bird it’s got a face of a cat but it’s wings and may fly but it cannot stay within the air for long so you’ll got to guide it to safety clearing the obstacles within the path the target is straightforward but the obstacles are fairly hard so you guys will have an excellent time,

Next up we have World War Polygon,

Is a first-person shooter from world war ii the singer player campaign is full of epic moments story cutscenes and heroic deeds you have to become a brave soldier that will go from d-day in Normandy through the battle of the bulge in Ardennes and finally to Berlin the controls are amazing and you’ll have a lot of time shooting people,

Next up we have Theo Town,

Is a superb game which will keep you occupied for hours it is not like other city builders it’s incredibly detailed and there is tons to find out due to this there is a pretty steep learning curve it’s incredibly detailed and can quite satisfy any city buity builder fan looking for a great game on the go,

Next up we have the Last Arrows,

This game takes the archery action genre to a whole new level a horde of monsters have suddenly launched an attack since the black meteor crash and as a lucky survivor you will have to do whatever it takes to return to your loving family you will have to deploy your strategies and land deadly precision shots to clear the story mode you will shoot to survive from amassing world of monsters in survival mode and skills such as penetration arc shot multi shots and focus will never make you bored,

Next up we have Glory Ages Samurais,

Is in this handsome yet Spartan arena combat game we control alone swordsman in a picturesque rendering of feudal Japan you must fight off successive waves of our combatants using four simple maneuvers there’s a single attack button dodge block and rage that makes you indestructible overall it’s a great game with smooth animations,

Next up we have Faraway 4,

For Faraway 4 games are one of the better escape room series on the Play Store and far away for takes players to an all-new environment that is broken up into 20 all-new levels and you can expect to find plenty of challenging puzzles too the overarching story it still has to do with your father and many pages of his missing journal so there is nothing extremely new here but luckily the gameplay graphics and song are great,  

Next up we have World of Goo,

Here you take control of goo balls many of them which feature different abilities you pick them up and connect them together in order to construct jiggly architecture like bridges straight ways and even make sift high risers so that you might lead the other goo balls to an exit situated on one end of every stage,

Next up we have That Level Again 4,

For now, this is a game that will leave you pulling your hairs to solve the puzzles you are tasked with an objective that you’ll have to complete in the same level and you are given different objectives but the platform stays the same and you’ll have to be creative with your answers to solve the puzzle,

Next up we have Riptide GP,

In this game you are in a futuristic jet ski and you are racing through the tracks which includes city rivers amusement parks etc the graphics are realistic and the controls are really easy as you can choose between certain presets you’ve also got a career mode a quick match mode and a challenge mode where you can climb the leaderboards plus you’ve got an online multiplayer and also a split-screen mode,

Next up we have Dark Things,

This is a classic point-and-click adventure detective quest game as mr. doe you must explore strange things solve mysteries and learn dark secrets and you will have to investigate cases in beautiful locations and enjoy strange at times comical dialogues and you’ll also get to meet new characters in each case and learn their unusual stories,

Next up we have Roblox,

Roblox isn’t just a single game it’s actually an entire gaming universe consisting of dozens of titles and a lot of them are user-generated the basis of Roblox is focused on creativity and building while encouraging community among its players although this game is intended for children adults can have a lot of fun playing it too,

Next up we have Rusted Warfare,

Rusted Warfare now this is a simple RTS game where you use modern-day weapons you’ll have to make tanks and various other units from your barracks and you’ll have to control them to destroy the enemy base while the enemy tries to destroy you you’re stationed on one side of the map and everything that is not near to you will have to be discovered so you will have to scout and find your opponents too,

Next up we have PORTABLE SOCCER DX,

 In this game you take control of a football team and we’ll have to show the best results in order to get to the World Cup the main characteristics of this game are several game modes where you can test your strengths in the World Cup compete with the strongest teams take part in friendly matches and choose two teams and play a penalty well that was it,

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