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5 Useful Gadgets You Need To See 2021 Review

First up we have LaserPecker,

This compact laser etched can be taken anywhere and be powered by a power bank it transmits wirelessly through Bluetooth so it can be controlled by smartphone too the unit itself isn’t big and it comes with an adjustable tripod stand and a pair of goggles to protect your eyes and you can also get a case that will help you align the unit and protect your eyes from the laser it’s got a high-quality laser head that’s durable and has a long working time as far as the feature goes it’s got a working warning alert motion-triggered stopover it shut down and password lock that will keep you safe from accidental prints and the print quality is pretty good considering how small it is, all in all, it’s good for beginners professionals hobbyists designers and handcrafters,

Next up we have Earfun Go Portable speaker,

Delivers loud and immersive stereo sound through 2 of watt high-performance drivers and it’s also got a deep and solid base the design is simple and smooth and it has rubberized exterior it’s also got ipx7 water-resistant protection so it can effortlessly withstand spills rain and even complete submersion in water the built-in two 2200 milliamp hour rechargeable batteries give you up to 20 hours of playtime on a full charge and advanced blue. that 5.0 ensures more stable and instant pairing overall it’s a great speaker that you can use all day on a single charge now if you want something much bigger and party-sized then the

Next up we have Dolphin LX20 Boombox,

should be your choice it’s equipped with two 15 watts RMS speakers which produces rich and deep bass thin meds and crisp eyes it’s got the latest 5.0 FM radio and USB micro SD card support it’s powered by a large 3000 milliamp hour rechargeable battery which delivers up to ten hours of playtime so you can enjoy long nights or chillin hangouts without even worrying about the speaker losing power plus with durable materials the dolphin is also splash proof with IP x5 water-resistant rating so if you’re out to party then this is the perfect Bluetooth speaker,

Next up we have Sandmarc iPhone Macro Lenses,

Sandmarc iPhone Macro Lenses comes with both an iPhone X case and a clip I prefer two lenses that attach to the cases since they give you a perfectly centered mount every time and macro lenses are not common but it is critical for capturing the detail on small objects unfortunately like other lenses macro lenses on phones only give you a very narrow range of focus but they do make for some great shots so if you do need a macro lens then the San Marc macro lens Edition is a great option the lens also stayed sharp and showed no signs of distortion or aberration and the focusing distance provided a very usable range of framing so if you do need a macro lens then the San Marc macro lens Edition is a great option,

Next up we have the Kkirei USB C to HDMI cable,

For all you people out there with USB C only ports this cable will be a godsend in presentations the nylon braided outer layer provides flexibility super protection and durability and the premium aluminum alloy casing prevents overheating during use it supports up to HDMI 2.0 and 4k resolution at 60 Hertz the video quality is amazing and there is no tearing and random blackouts it supports all us PC ports and Thunderbolt 3 so you can use this with the new MacBooks the new iPad and even the Samsung galaxy note 10.

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