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5 Useful Android 10 Features Review (Google Pixel 3a)

Android has just released the new version of their latest operating system they got rid of the desert names and with this update, it’s now called the Android 10 the update went live a few days ago I installed this on my pixel 3a and here are 5 new major changes on the Android 10 first up we have gestures here we have the new optional gesture system which replaces all the buttons with a single white bar at the bottom from here you can swipe up to go home or go to the multitasking screen you can swipe from the bottom on the home screen to go to the app drawer so I Pro cross the bottom to switch apps and swipe from either side to go back also you can swipe up diagonally or vertically from the bottom to launch Google assistant all these gestures seems very confusing at first but after a few minutes it all feels intuitive and fluid personally,

I got used to it in no time next is the dark mode well dark mode is getting more and more common these days and even Google has integrated a dedicated option for the dark mode on Android 10 and I think the dedication towards dark mode is pretty significant and elegant on the Android 10 the whole UI is dart themed and there is even integration of dark themes on apps so that they changed their color according to which mode you choose to be honest it’s amazing attention to detail just look at how the calculator apps change its color according to the theme next up we have digital well-being and parental tools with this integration you can monitor and control the usage of your device there’s a dashboard showing you the usage of your device for the day and there are options to set a timer for each app to be used only at a given time also there’s wine down mode which is like an automatic schedule for the do not disturb mode and the night mode combined it basically blocks all the notifications and turns on the key scroll mode do not disturb and nightlight mode it’s an amazing feature that tries to get you off your phone when it’s bedtime,

you can also manage the app notifications and flip the shush which will turn on during disturb mode when you put your phone facedown on a flat surface also there’s a dedicated Parenthood control setting all of this feature really helps you monitor the activities under device so you can schedule the usage and use of your device more properly next up we have default theming options for the first time stock Android comes with default theme options that you can get on the developer settings it’s not like the downloadable kind theme that you have on Samsung devices but you get basic theming options like choosing the exit color fonts and the icon shapes it’s a good step forward towards customization,

which I find lacking on stock Android next up we have the redesigned permission and a pin for settings this is probably the most important update on Android 10 here are the new limitations on what Apps can do and what information they can access there are a lot of important revisions on the privacy settings and location settings you can choose the permissions of each apps from the permissions manager also the redesigned app info settings makes it easy to manage each app settings individually and mostly these changes are invisible but it’s really essential and just for you guys who stuck here at the end of this video here’s an extra feature called desktop mode not sure why we needed but hey we’ve got a desktop mode on the Android 10 ticket access go to developer settings under app settings there’s an option called force desktop mode and this will output the operating system on the secondary display I did not want to list this as the sixth feature because I don’t think a lot of people will be using it but it’s still an interesting feature nonetheless so these were the major changes we have found on the Android 10,

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